Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It feels as though a post on the transition from 2011 to 2012 is somehow obligatory. While i wouldn't want to go on and on about it like a whiny tot, i'd, however, like to give thanks to God, for 2011 has been most delightful. 

The few highlights of 2011:

1. Moving into 355 Rathdowne St with Mel K.
2. Having the trio spend the Easter break with me in melbourne.

3. Saying farewell to Clyde (first friend in melbourne) as he returns back to sg.
4. Desert and Patisserie short course at William Angliss. My passion for baking was reignited through this course. 8 weeks of 9.30am classes on Sundays, 6 hours per class. 
5. Girlfriend finally visits me in melb. 
6. Halloween'11. 
7. Knowing who your true friend is. KINDERMATES FOREVER!
8. The Tang siblings finally gets to celebrate Christmas & Chinese New Year together!
9. New year's eve 
 10. Lastly, falling in love with this boy. From being reacquainted with him at the start of the year to being unsure if things will work. Fast-forward to now, we're half a year into our relationship. 

For the many downs in 2010, 2011 has paid it's dues with the many better days. I'm truly thankful for the series of events that has past me during the year. A great end to a great year. 2012 looks promising already.