Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remembering Paris

the city of romance.
pastries aplenty, where butter is butter.

to put the images that you've seen in movies and pictures into real life then translating it into your pictures and making it your own.
the reality of it simply cannot be passed onto another, because no two person sees things 
the same.

Paris was in two words - charming and unrealistic.
people say that paris is a place for young lovers, and i won't disagree with that because it is indeed a romantic place to be when one is in love

but all that we hear or see is only a fragment of what we have heard and seen.
we are only exposed or choose to speak of the appealing side of things, but never the ugly side of it.
though charming, has it's unpleasant side as well.
how about the gypsies who embodies the ugly side of parisians?
or the metro stations that constantly smells like urine
or the non-touristy area that is a representation of how you would have never imagined paris to be.

i did enjoy paris, and i would definitely want to go back there again someday.
but i realized that indeed, all that is glitter is not gold.
it feels as though paris was a misrepresentation of the actual thing.

i loved it but i hated it.