Saturday, September 12, 2009

hello, have we met before?

My trip to hong kong went well. It was a much needed holiday for my dear grandmother who's stressed about pretty much everything at home. Shopping was pretty good thou I didn't shop as much as I could have. Van went absolutely bonkers and bought 5 pairs of boots, feeling guilty for shopping yet unable to resist all those neatly shelved products. I, regret letting someone with 5percent understanding of english cut my hair. I hate the way it looks and it's totally different from how I described it to be. So, hello weird looking layered hair with very kiddish bangs. You suck.
I said I would go to the gym with van since a few months ago when she was back and today I finally got my ass off and actually went. It wasn't that bad,really. I'm going to persist in this exercise routine and not back out halfway because I'm so bound to lose that weight I've gained post-exam period. I don't feel fat, just feel unhealthy. Hokay, I think I'm done ranting for today. Ice-cream, anyone?

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