Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Laugh with me Lee Lee

Birthday project.

Dinner with Kel before army.
An old picture.

So... finally I got a job at BORDERS!!! It's part-time, not a 9-5 job and the pay's pretty damn good. So no complains! And my remodule paper last friday went really well. I can confidently say that I nailed the 4 bloody questions. Kudos to me.
Another 2 months plus till Christmas! Am looking forward to cheesy christmas music in all the malls. The music makes everyone happy & it's something that I'm sure most people can sing along to & it makes you want to tap your feet,bob your head and shop more. Well,the spirit of giving also means contributing to our economy! I'm already saving up right now so that I can give myself a good time christmas shopping. Nothing beats putting on a dress/shoe/bag and see how it fits you like a glove and that it was so meant to be and purchasing hat item & receiving it in a nice, crisp paper bag, knowing that you've purchased something awesome and so worth your money. Damn, I feel like shopping now. I love the fact that shopping is also accessible online. Till then.

Queen Mel.

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