Thursday, October 29, 2009

My day has been a minor whirlwind. First thing that hit me so hard in the morning, or rather in the afternoon when I woke up was the unsuccessful appeal email from SIM. Of course, my reaction consist of disbelief and confusion. What am I going to do & What can I do now are the two things that ran through my thoughts first. Sigh. I'm just praying and believing in the Lord now awaiting in faith for a miracle to happen.
That whole chunk aside, baking calmed me down a little today. Assisted Gwen in baking her cat-shaped cake for a birthday plus some mini cupcakes. she's my first paying 'order'. Thanks Gwen. :DD So there, above is my first cat-shaped face cake creation. It turned out pretty well considering how it looked like a pig to looking like a tiger & finally it looks like a meow mee. Am ecstatic with the outcome.
Work tomorrow. Then night safari on friday! Can't bloody wait. Haven't seen M this whole week at all. I don't understand why he has to work & he's going to Japan during Christmas. Not fair. He'll be playing with snow,building snowmans and making angels with snow. Eating sushi & sashimi (which he doesn't even like!) while I'll be stuck her in our dear tropical land playing with err... sand. Not fair. This part is kinda for you,M. Have tons of fun. Hope there's a snowstorm or something when you're there! :SSS
Anyway, medicine's drowsiness is kicking in.
G'nite all.

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