Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here are some overdue Christmas & KL photos to kick start my entry for today:

roughing it out in KL

Christmas Day
Tis' the season to be jolly

It's exactly 30 more days till I leave for racist land. A place where I'll be fucking judged for my
beautiful skin and given very unfair treatment. PROVE ME WRONG, AUSTRALIA! Seriously man, I cannot begin to describe how I'm feeling about it because right now in my mind I'm just thinking "fuck there's no air-conditioning in the room and its 42 degrees out there".
Okay not just that, there are things that I need to sort out and now I'm facing shit with housing because the receptionist just cannot get my payment right!
All of that aside, I'm finding ways to make full use of the remaining time I have, like catching up with old friends and hanging out with M & like, play L4D 2 ON XBOX! L4D is a sort of escape that I have ( I know there's better things to do like read) and also something I do which does not require spending any monehhh considering how I spent my last penny on my awesome leather shoes from Aldo! Anything leather is worth it. So, judge me. Whatever.
OH! I recently made a huge change in my life. Well at least for 10 years. I finally finally went for the day surgey to get rid of my sinus. At last after 20 years of my life I can breathe like a normal human being which I'm so not used to. Sometimes I find myself breathing thru my mouth and I tell myself to breathe thru my nose. My nostrils have a purpose now.
Hope you (whoever you are) are having a wonderful January so far.


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