Thursday, February 4, 2010

The smell of wine and cheap perfume.

I've had a hell of week starting from the last weekend.

Starting from Grace's 21st pre-party/celebration on Saturday. What a night! From the bbq to the present they got her to Wanying experiencing instant karma to faking pregnacies. Oh good times good times.

And then there was last night. Grace's actual 21st at East coast.

Another bbq again this friday at my place. Can't believe I'm leaving on the following Monday. I'm still rather unpacked and not ready to leave yet. There's 3 suitcases to fill and I've yet to fill 1. And I don't really have the mood to pack. Well anyway I met some people at the predeparture thing that I was so reluctant to go for and some of them are my soon to be course mates! So now I thank God that I went and sulked throughout the whole thing.
12 more days.

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