Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Philosophical love.

'If love is primarily holistic, then relationships will be in principle lasting and committed, steadfast, and yet at the same time non-possessive, non-jealous, non-exclusive, and non-manipulative. In short - free. '

To love someone is not to set them free, but to set yourself free.


How can I expect myself to pass my 40% PR test when 3/4 of the paper was based on my own assumption and understanding? Howeverrr... considering that I barely had any knowledge of the question whatsoever and managed to write something down for all the questions, I might just slide through. After tomorrow's presentation, I'll be left with that darned philosophy essay and I'm done for this semester! Am aiming to complete it by this weekend (very ambitious!) so that I might be able to head home earlier than expected. That is IF what I just said goes accordingly. I am known for procrastinating so hopefully the possibility of going home earlier will spur me on.

Till then.

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