Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love gives me lemons.


There goes another weekend. Only 20 more days left till I head back to ol' Melbourne. Fingers crossed that I can extend my stay for another week. What can I say, I enjoy being home and pampered by everyone. I'm a queen like that. Time just breezed by. It's been a month since I'm back. Too fast in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the new sem & classes thou, but the thought of not having my family there makes me wanna pull my heart out and boil it in soup.
I found a way to help me release all the suppressed feelings. Running (cues halo, shining light and sound effect). It's rather calming with the wind in my face and the sight of the pinkish-blue sky. I start at 6pm and it takes me an hour for my normal route. What a fruitful way to spend an hour.
Van missed her flight. Now I have an afternoon to kill without her.

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