Saturday, August 28, 2010

{Experimenting with potatoes}

Spent the afternoon lazing around the city and DFO. This is my first Starbucks in a month. People make such a big hype over it in Singapore. They make it seem as though Starbucks is like their drug and they'd die without it. That to me is just way overdone. It's like a perfectly marinated rack of lamb that has been overcooked.

The mid-semester break has officially started. You know, they call it a mid-semester break for a reason. It's supposed to allow us students to take a breather from the first half of the semester before they slog through the second half. Instead of feeling all relaxed, I find myself struggling to complete my literature assignment. It's actually not really a struggle when I did not even try to get started in the first place. I only have a day left to do it and am thoroughly screwed. Right now all I'm looking forward to is the sleepover on Monday followed by snowboarding on tuesday.

1500/1500 more words to go.

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