Saturday, December 11, 2010

When life gives you lemons;

Bake Bake Bake!
Here's what I've been baking.

{Stacy's 18th}

{Test baking a 2 tier cake}

{Christina's Bridal Shower}

Been putting quite a bit or rather... a lot of my energy on baking. The results has been très exciting thus far. There's this sort of relief that I find in baking. I mean, retail therapy as well, but lately it's been more of baking. When I bake I'm so focused in getting it right, and there's this rush that I can't explain. Someday after I graduate, I hope to be doing something that involves pastry besides my day job which I would absolutely love as well. 

That being said, things has been pretty aa-ooo-kehh lately. My 21st is up in a week! Turning 21 means that 22 is just 'round the corner! I shall age gracefully. December is going to be swell. Hell yeaaaaaaa~

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