Saturday, May 21, 2011

Character growth

An exceptionally wise friend told me tonight, 'Action speaks louder than daydreaming'. 
Randomly, I then thought to myself, if i were to be a character in a book, i would like to be portrayed as the one with character growth. Because i do feel that way about myself as of now.

 Before embarking on my education journey in melbourne, i was this person who wasn't passionate about just about anything and was somewhat living too comfortably in the arms of my family wrapped around me. Fast forward 1.5 years later, here i am, looking at certain things with a different perspective and with eyes unclouded. I'm not saying this with arrogance or anything like that, but rather, with utmost sincerity, on how much i've seen myself grown. I've lived and learned, and i am still learning. I don't need people to want to be like me, but instead, when they see my take on life, it will somehow transcend and change the way they see things (in a positive way, of course). There are many things which I do not comprehend, and will probably never will, but life is full of trial and errors, shit happens, to that, we should all take it with a pinch of salt, pick ourselves up and walk on with our heads held high. 

So here's to me, to you, and to whoever else, to a life of trial and errors, with mistakes not weighing us down, but pushing us to improve on ourselves. No more self-pitying or indulging in negative thoughts/feelings. To things that are so much more worth living for.


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