Friday, June 17, 2011

Seeing red

Wore this outfit on a day out and about while sipping coffee comparable to the ones in Melbourne. Coffee cravings satisfied. Oh the joy. I'm so in love with the colour and scallop ends of the top. Definitely a piece that I will be wearing to death this holiday.
On the way home tonight, we saw a commotion on the road and being the curious person that i am, we decided to drive past to take a peek. I knew that it was an accident but i wasn't too thrilled to see a dead person lying by the side in a body bag. It reminded me how uncertain life is, how in the snap of a finger, someone can lose their life, their everything. Then I thought about how their loved ones must be grieving while receiving the dreadful news on the other end of the line. And then i'm reminded again how blessed i am everyday to have my family, my friends, people that love me and people that i love. Things like that continually makes me mindful not to take things for granted. It's actually sad how it takes a tragic situation for us to be appreciative of what we have. 
Live and let live, my friends. 


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