Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking a step of faith

Some of the best experiences comes when you take a step forward and plunge into unfamiliarity. Take instance, an occasion that you have to be at, but you don't really feel like going. That is a rather trivial example, but still, don't you find that you have the most fun although you have to drag yourself there? There are major decisions in our lives, plans that scares us, the uncertainty of what lies beneath that choice, and yes, you might think that it's more than you can take, but i guess if we never push ourselves to do things that challenges us in that sense, it's hard for us to grow stronger as a person. People can push you to do things, but ultimately, it is the course of your action, the step of faith that you take that will give you the most satisfaction at the end of it. You can look back and safely say that you actually did it, not because of anyone but yourself. 
Go ahead, dive into the deeper end of the pool.

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