Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've only been back for slightly more than a week, but already I'm feeling so worn out. Mostly because of the youth camp that happened only three days after i arrived back in Singapore. 

There was a plan that i had to organize a bake sale, but due to the turn of events, i won't be holding it anymore. Slightly bummed about it because it was all that i thought of before coming home. But instead, i'll be heading out to London & Paris! It's such an exciting, almost last minute plan that i had with Ryan. It won't just be a trip to Europe, we'll be spending our one year together in Paree~! I'm more thrilled about the french pastries & macarons rather than the Eiffel Tower. 
That aside, i'm missing my fat boy so much. Why must you have exams why! 


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