Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Timely Change.

To: Whoever who may ever come across this space which would probably just be myself.

A new blog! Again! Well I wanted a change from lj and I guess this is it. Back to where I started,blogger. Well,pretty much has happened since my last update in lj. The biggest thing that has happened this year is probably me failing my first year of uni. But,I'm moving on with Comms under UB. Hopefully it'd be something that I'll really enjoy. God,please let it be that way. Besides that, there was my unbearable hair extensions(!) ,the KK trip, shitass work, NLCC's 20th Anniversary dinner, nail-biting results day and a few birthdays. And this year has been a tad more interesting with M being a part of my life. Love can change a person. I'll be leaving for hong kong this friday wheeee. Not that hong kong is a big deal but I just want to be somewhere else to unwind for a while and since dad is there and all.. OK I think that's it for now. Will post up pictures pretty soon!