Sunday, February 28, 2010

I wanna grow old with you.


my "shoe box" room.

Public Baths. This is a swimming complex. I initially took
the words public baths literally. I thought people pay to shower there.

Great Ocean road - Road trip.

Me: Mum why did you buy a fake polaroid sunglasses?
Mum: They're not fake! They cost $15!!!
Me: Mum, my ray bans cost $240.
Mum: WHAT! Why did your daddy buy it for you?!
Me: Yea my point is your polaroid is fake.
Love you mum. Haha!

The next few pictures consist of dad being silly.
You have been warned.

These pictures were from last week before mum, dad and mark left. My week passed pretty quickly. Been staying home, going out for dinner, staying home, friend's house warming party and meeting up with Melissa. This girl is a God sent.

And this almost fucked up place that I'm currently staying at makes me want to move out so badly. Just 3 nights ago, a committee member knocked, no, to say she knocked is an understatement. Rephrase. This dumbfuck of a committee member pounded on my door and when I opened the door she accused me of dumping trash outside my door. I told her it wasn't mine and she repeated the same thing, accusing me further. Now she's blacklisted, that whoreshit. And 2 nights ago, the retarded fire alarm went off at 2.50am in the morning and we all had to wait 30 minutes downstairs for the fireman to check the building. Point is : I want to move out.

Aaron Ben Lim, I am looking forward to seeing you during my Easter break. Don't break my heart.

Till then.

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