Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can we pretend that airplane's the night sky, like shooting star.

my strawberry nails! :D

Ah last week was tiring but I had so much fun at the youth camp. We were stuck on the bus in traffic jams most of the time but it gave us a chance to catch up on our sleep & figuring out the fuzzy wuzzy 'jokes'.
Met the girls in the night for a couple of drinks & to catch up. There's always something new to talk about when we meet & I really enjoy their friendship and company. Like Wanying, I've known her since I was 4. And cherie, I remember carrying my bag while singing the national anthem on the first day of school and she was the one who told me that I could put my bag down. Oh Grace, I used to turn around in class and deliberately take things out of her pencil case because I'm a bully like that. They helped me get through so much & spend time with me when I'm back here in Sg. Thank you babes. :)
Right now I'm looking forward to the return of my dear ol' sis.
Cheers! :D

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