Sunday, June 6, 2010

The misuse of words.

Some people can be really absurd with the things they say. Others can be quite careless with words and hurt you in the most insensitive ways. My choice of words to a certain someone made me realise that I could have been smarter with the things I say. Choosing to say something else could have easily changed the situation and where things are at right now for me. I've probably overdone it, so for now I am just going to back off a little. Give myself room for a breather. Give him space to think. I don't really know the point of this, but I think we should all think before we speak/act. Sometimes, knowing or unknowingly, we might say things that we'd regret & when we want to take it back so badly, it will all be too late.

Words, something that is so quick to come out of our mouths in moments of anger/impatience. But the process of healing the hurt caused unto someone whom you've caused the pain on takes so much and so long. It isn't a joke with a friend that you've mocked and quickly said 'I take it back' and all's well again. My lesson in this is to never be too quick and insensitive with the things I say. To handle situations in a calm manner and never out of impulse.

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