Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle.

{This is my parents in their teenage years. It makes me so envious just looking at it. Love that last through time, knowing that he's the one you'll marry and the person you'll count on for the rest of your life & grow old with. A love that overcomes all circumstances. I thought I've found a love that will never break, a love filled with forgiveness and grace. I've made mistakes,taking the love that I had for granted, but I'm young and am supposed to have allowances for mistakes right? I'm sure my parents, though very much in love, made mistakes to hurt each other along the way. I guess it's through it all that we learn and grow. For some, the mistake makes the love grow stronger. For others, the love falters. Maybe now just isn't the time for us. Maybe someday when we mature more, we'll find that love that we've lost. Maybe, just maybe.}

{This here is my beloved Grandmother who has aged gracefully through the years. How wonderful is it that she still looks almost the same (wrinkles aside) after 40 plus years. I want to be exactly like my grandmother when I'm old. So elegant & graceful.}

I had a wonderfulicious day today. I want everyday to be like that. Cheers to an aussome week ahead for everyone! :D

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