Sunday, July 11, 2010

We will not grow old.

{Showcasing my barbie that I've had for quite a while}

Caught up with the melb gang at Thompson Plaza (hell far I'd say) in the noon. Had a bit of an adventure with Mel discovering the circle line blah blah bla... Sent Clare off not too long ago as she left for Sydney. I can't describe how I felt. It's a feeling beyond being sad. Seeing how painful it was for her to leave and the heartache that both she & her bf felt pains me as well. It got me thinking of myself. S-s-s-shake it offffff... Had supper with Kel & Jer. Seriously, when you're with boys who are serving the national service, they can go on eternally talking about the things they do and go thru. It was exciting at first to listen to what they've been thru but it got stale after a while and I started spacing out. The thing is, they expect you to be a part of their conversation? Kel was asking me "Why are you so quiet?" and all I could answer him was "What do you expect me to say?" But it was heartwarming nevertheless to see 2 long-time friends relating to one another even after so long.

Hope you've had a great Saturday (Abrupt end)!

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