Thursday, September 15, 2011

Her undying love; undying love.

I was sitting in Philosophy lecture today, baffled by topics such as Pataphysics and Comic Irony while battling with a throbbing headache that won't seem to go away. And no, the headache wasn't cause by the unfathomable questions that were questioned in class.

I started thinking of my grandma and miss having her give me a massage whenever I had a headache. Her warm, wrinkly hands never seized to make me feel better. I miss my grandmother. For the times that we'll randomly drive (she drives, of course) to get lunch/early dinner and just be in each other's company. For the times she talked me through my heartaches and gave me her words of wisdom, emphasizing that my education will be my asset and boys comes after. For the times that she takes an interest in whatever i'm doing (but i respond to her impatiently) and tries to be a part of it. For the times we just lie in bed at night and I turn over to hug her and we start our 2am chat till we both fall asleep.

These are the kind of things that i do not want to forget when i'm being agitated with her. Her love for me, for the family is so indestructible. No matter how much hurt we do or say to her, she remains so loving towards us. 

I love my grandmother. 

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