Friday, September 30, 2011

I love you the most.

Snugged under the comforts of my comforter. Stop this train by John Mayer on replay on my itunes. An occasional chuckle at the thought of Ry's chubby photo. Staring at the whiteboard in front of me that says Week 9, reminding me that i wrote that last semester and it's already Week 10 of the current semester and how time flies. Also on the whiteboard are words of affection inscribed by Ry before he left. 

When you wake up this morning, remember these:
God loves you, thank him daily.
I'm two hours behind you, but probably into my second cup of coffee.
Keep yourself warm today, and try to to tidy your room just a little more.
Order one chai latte in the morning and one cappuccino, two sugars in the evening.
I am constantly thinking of you and checking my whatsapp frantically. 
Nov 30th, i'll pick you up from Changi airport.
Mel, Ryan loves you so much. You put a smile on his face.
3 months, just 3 more short months. 

Naturally, i was in tears as i read and re-read this on the afternoon that he left 4 weeks ago. It still warms the cockles of my heart as i see it when i wake up and before i go to bed. 

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