Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm beginning to enjoy the way lecture/tutorials are being held here in Australia. For my comms and social relation tutorial next week, we will be taking a field trip around the city to take photos of the different architecture. At least I think that's what we're doing in the city. And I was prepared for a very mundane tutorial session for professional writing but SURPRISE (!), the tutor handed a macbook pro to each one of us (on loan, course) to blog! Apparently in their opinion, blogging is one of the many ways to improve one's writing. Don't see how that's going to improve my terrible writing skills. I'm enjoying school so far but am disliking the morning classes.

I've been extremely deprived from shopping ever since i came here to Australia. I spend my money on things like groceries, coffee and awfully expensive lunch that taste terrible. I would love to cook or prepare my own lunch everyday but I'm running out of ideas of what I can eat and am far too lazy to wash the dishes.

Am currently apartment hunting. I want to get our of this shoebox. And I am out of things to blog about. TGIF!!!!

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