Sunday, May 2, 2010

I eat, I sleep, I put on weight.

In an attempt to save money so that I can use the money saved to shop, I loaded up on groceries that will last me for about 2 weeks. I failed terribly trying to save because I ended up buying so much food with the mindset of how it's going to last me for weeks, resulting in overspending on groceries. Smart, I know. The fish was those frozen-packed kind which took hell long to cook and tasted blah. The beef steak wasn't too bad but cutting it needed a tool way sharper than a knife.
I didn't manage to score an interview with the owner of The Junk Company today but I did set a time with him on tuesday. He doesn't look too friendly thou. Probably because he was in a rush. Hope the interview with him on tuesday goes well.

I get to scream "I love you John!" tmr. ooommgeeeee! :D

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